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20 September 2011

Microbiologist from Norwich, England Wins Our iPAD 2 Competition

James Beaves, Thermo Fisher Scientific (left), presents Amy Fox (centre) with her iPad, accompanied by Paul Dexter, Head of Bacteriology (right).We are delighted to announce that Amy Fox, a microbiologist at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in Norwich England, has won an Apple iPad® 2 as part of a recent Oxoid competition launched during the 21st European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) 2011, in Milan, Italy.

After the phone call telling me I had won I immediately set-up a Wi-Fi connection. I've found the iPad invaluable for easy internet access, both at home and at work, and for keeping in touch with the latest developments in microbiology and virology. It’s a fantastic prize and I feel very lucky to have won!”

Amy has worked in the Microbiology Department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for nearly 15 years. She currently works in Virology and does a regular rotation in Bacteriology, and she is a regular user of the Oxoid IDEIA™, Oxoid IMAGEN™ and Remel ProSpecT™ kits, as well as the Oxoid range of culture media.

IDEIA ELISA kits are available for viral gastroenteritis and sexually transmitted diseases, IMAGEN immunofluorescent tests are available for respiratory viruses and sexually transmitted disease and the ProSpecT diagnostic assays are available for a range of enteric pathogens. For further product information, email

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