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Food Allergen tests

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ELISA SYSTEMS Allergen assays

a comprehensive range of allergen testing kits of microwell ELISA assays for screening for the presence of a range of allergen proteins and residues in food samples

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Food Allergens are proteins in food that create an immune response insensitive individuals. Once ingested, food allergens can cause a number of reactions, ranging in severity from hives and itching to anaphylaxis.

Food manufacturers can protect those with food allergies by clearly labelling their products with a list of ingredients. Testing for the presence of components ensures food manufacturers that an unlabelled and potentially dangerous ingredient did not make its way unintentionally into a product during manufacture.

Why test for Food Allergens?

  • Brand Name Protection
  • Prevent Costly Product Recalls
  • Duty of Care
  • Comply with Product Labelling requirements
  • Ensure Consumer Confidence

Key Benefits

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Samples are tested against known controls
  • Heat Stable protein Allergens are detected

Range of Kits & Reagents

Oxoid Order codeELISA SYSTEMS CodeClick on link below for further details
ESARD-48ESARD-48Almond Residue Detection Kit
ESBWPRDESBWPRD-48Buckwheat Residue Detection Kit
ESCASPRDESCASPRD-48Casein Residue Detection Kit
ESCRURDESCRURD-48Crustacean Residue Detection Kit
ESERD-48ESERD-48Egg Residue Detection Kit
ESGLI-48ESGLI-48Gliadin Residue Detection Kit
ESHRD-48ESHRD-48 Hazelnut Residue Detection Kit
ESMRDBLGESMRDBLG-48Milk (BLG) Residue Detection Kit
ESMUSESMUS-48Mustard Seed Protein Residue Kit
ESPRDT-48ESPRDT-48Peanut Residue Detection Enhanced Kit
ESSESRD ESSESRD-48Sesame Residue Detection Kit
ESSOYPRDESSOYPRD-48Soy Protein Residue Detection Kit
ESSRD-48ESSRD-48Soy Residue Detection Kit
ESSWB-10ESSWB-10Food Allergen Swab Kit 10
ESADDSOLESADDSOLExtraction Solution Polyphenol

The ELISA Systems kits are available alongside the Oxoid and Remel ranges in Europe, Australia and New Zealand (all other countries should visit

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