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Code: LP0037


Code: LP0034

Oxoid Peptone Bacteriological and its neutralised form are very nutritious all-purpose peptones prepared by the enzymatic digestion of selected animal protein sources. They are specially prepared to provide a solid foundation in culture media formulations and are compatible with other refined culture media ingredients. The combination of pancreatin and papain enzyme systems ensures that these bacteriological peptones contain a wide spectrum of polypeptides, reflected in their broad molecular profiles.
The neutralised form evolved from the original to meet those occasions when a slightly higher pH is required. Both when reconstituted give a solution free of haze, cloudiness or precipitation.

LP0037 Typical analysis (% w/w)
Total Nitrogen 15.2
Amino Nitrogen 2.9
Sodium chloride 1.0
pH (2% solution) 6.2 ± 0.2
LP0034 Typical analysis (% w/w)
Total Nitrogen 13.9
Amino Nitrogen 2.4
Sodium chloride 3.2
pH (2% solution) 7.0 ± 0.2

Either may be used wherever a high quality bacteriological peptone is called for. Both products are found in a wide range of culture media in routine diagnostic and research bacteriology.
The above products are used in industry to produce antibiotics, interferon, pasteurella vaccine and as a stabiliser for other vaccines.

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