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RapID ANA II Panel

CODE: R8311002 

Remel RapID™ ANA II System is a qualitative micromethod employing conventional and chromogenic substrates for the identification of medically important anaerobic bacteria isolated from human clinical specimens. The use of the RapID ANA II System for identification and differentiation of anaerobic bacteria of veterinary origin has not been fully established. A complete listing of the organisms addressed by the RapID ANA II System is given in the RapID ANA II Differential Charts.

The RapID ANA II System is comprised of RapID ANA II Panels plus RapID ANA II  Reagent. Each RapID ANA II Panel has several reaction cavities molded into the periphery of a plastic disposable tray. Reaction cavities contain dehydrated reactants and the tray allows the simultaneous inoculation of each cavity with a predetermined amount of inoculum. A suspension of the test organism in RapID Inoculation Fluid is used as the inoculum which rehydrates and initiates test reactions. After incubation of the panel, each test cavity is examined for reactivity by noting the development of a color. In some cases, reagents must be added to the test cavities to provide a color change. The resulting pattern of positive and negative test scores is used as the basis for identification of the test isolate by comparison of test results to reactivity patterns stored in a database or through the use of a computer-generated Code Compendium.

The tests used in the RapID ANA II System are based upon the microbial degradation of specific substrates detected by various indicator systems. The reactions employed are a combination of conventional tests and single-substrate chromogenic tests.


RapID ANA II Reagent (15ml/Bottle)  g/litre

(1) Loop sterilization device, (2) Inoculating loop, swab, collection containers, (3) Incubators, alternative environmental systems, (4) Supplemental media, (5) Quality control organisms, (6) Gram stain reagents, (7) Microscope slides, (8) Cotton swabs, (9) RapID Inoculation Fluid - 1ml (R8325102), (10) McFarland No. 3 turbidity standard or equivalent (R20413), (11) Pipettes, (12) RapID Spot Indole Reagent (R8309002), (13) RapID ANA II Code Compendium (R8322002) or ERIC® (Electronic RapID Compendium, R8323600).

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