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Code: SR0035

A extract of horse blood for addition to culture media.

Recommendation for Storge of Frozen Serum, Sterile fltered (Animal Origin)

For cell growth purposes
It is recommended to store the serum in a freezer / cold store at -15°C to -30°C (-20°C laboratory freezer). Prior to use, thaw quickly, preferably to 8°C and no warmer than room temperature.

For microbiological purposes
Serum can be stored in the short term at 2-8°C but should be used within one month this storage temperature. It is recommended that longer term storage be at -15°C to -30°C.

On storge at 2-8°C opacity may appear, which is due to the coalescence of micro-globule fat normally present in serum in varying amounts. The opacity does not affect the microbiological function of the serum.

Storage upon receipt where serum has thawed:
Where serum has partially thawed the level of thawing must be assessed before storing at freezer temperature:

• If no liquid serum is evident at serum/air interface the serum can be safely stored at freezer temperature.

• If liquid serum is evident DO NOT re-freeze in this state.

Where liquid serum is evident allow the serum to thaw completely under controlled temperature conditions of no greater than 8°C.

Alternatively, thaw rapidly in water bath at 30°C with regular gentle inversion until a small ball of ice remains. Serum temperature must not rise above 8°C.

Thoroughly mix contents by gently inverting the bottles.
Vigorous mixing will create unsightly serum frothing.
Immediately re-freeze to -20°C and store at this temperature until required.

Multiple freeze/thaw cycles must be avoided to minimise the risk of precipitation of concentrated proteins and lipids.

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