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Code: SR0047

A stabilised emulsion of egg yolk for use in culture media. It may be added directly to nutrient media for the identification of Clostridium, Bacillus and Staphylococcus species by their lipase activity.

Examination of Bacteria for Lecithinase
For demonstration of lecithinase activity (especially in the investigation of `bitty cream’ conditions) add 0.5 or 1.0ml of the emulsion to 10ml of Blood Agar Base CM0055 or Nutrient Broth No.2 CM0067 - in both cases to clear the medium, raise the final salt concentration by the addition of 1% of sodium chloride. After incubation for up to 5 days at 35°C, lecithinase-producers render the broth opalescent, whilst, on the solid medium, their colonies are surrounded by zones of opacity.
Lactose Egg-Yolk Milk Agar1,2 - a medium for the identification of anaerobes which, in addition to serving as a half antitoxin-Nagler plate, also demonstrates lactose fermentation and proteolysis. Egg Yolk Emulsion SR0047 is recommended for use in the preparation of the medium.

1 Willis A. T. and Hobbs G. (1959) J. Path. Bact. 77. 511-521.
2 Willis A. T. (1977) Anaerobic Bacteriology 3rd Edn. Butterworths, London.


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