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Culture Media Supplements


Code: SR0054

An emulsion of egg yolk containing potassium tellurite for use in Baird-Parker Medium CM0275 and Baird-Parker Medium (ISO) CM1127. Baird-Parker Medium is widely used in the food industry for the detection of pathogenic staphylococci. Baird-Parker plates incorporating Egg Yolk Tellurite Emulsion should be protected from moisture loss by enclosure in plastic or other vapour proof packaging.

Add 50ml to 1 litre of Baird-Parker Medium CM0275 or Baird-Parker Medium (ISO) CM1127. Fifty millilitres of Egg Yolk Tellurite Emulsion contains the equivalent of 3ml of 3.5% potassium tellurite. This is the amount recommended for 1 litre of Baird-Parker Medium, i.e. concentration in SR0054 is 0.21% w/v. Final concentration in Baird-Parker Medium is 0.01% w/v.

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