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Culture Media Supplements


a selective agent for inhibition of Gram-negative organisms

Code: SR0099

Vial contents

(1 vial per 500ml

per litre

Polymyxin B



† assumes target concentration of 100,000U/l

Reconstitute as directed in the product instructions for use. Aseptically, add one vial to 500ml of liquid or molten base medium, which is below 50°C. Mix well, and dispense into appropriate, sterile containers.

† assumes target concentration of 100,000U/l

Polymyxin B are antibiotics used  for inhibition of Gram-negative bacteria, in media. Polymyxins bind to the cell membrane and disrupt its structure making it more permeable. Osmotic pressures draw water into the cell. The cell membrane ruptures, resulting in cell death. They have little effect on Gram-positive bacteria because of the thick cell wall.

Polymyxin B Supplement (SR0099) is used in conjunction with a number of Oxoid base media:

  • Bacillus cereus Selective Agar  Base (CM0617)
  • MYP Agar Base (CM0929)

For full details of the use of Polymyxin Supplement (SR0099) with these formulations, please go to the product details for the relevant culture medium base.

Storage conditions and Shelf life
Polymixin B Supplement at 2-8°C and use before the expiry date on the label.

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