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Air Sampler


For use in the pharmaceutical and food production areas or clinical settings for environmental monitoring.

Order Code: EM0100A

Product Components
1 x Oxoid Air Sampler Unit (supplied with head ready-to-use with 90mm plates)
1 x Battery Charger (110V or 220V)
1 x Traceable Calibration Certificate
1 x Documentation Package (1 x Manual, 1 x Quick Guide, 1 x  Warranty)

The Oxoid Air Sampler is ready for use with a 90mm plate. The standard sampling head is aluminium. By purchasing a 55mm sampling head, this unit can be easily converted for use with a 55mm contact plate. Also, included in the package is a traceable calibration certificate, manual, warranty, brief instructions and battery charger.

Technical Details  

Flow Rate 100 litres of air per minute 
Impact Speed<20m/sec 
Battery Life after 4 hour charging depending on treatment/use) approx. 7 hours
Validation Validation work according to BS EN ISO 14698-1:2003 Annex B has shown the Oxoid Air Sampler to have a physical efficiency of 100% for particles, 0.8 to 19.0 micron in size.
(Note: validation work carried out by an independent body)
Quality CheckOxoid has a Pyramid Quality Check instrument available for routine airflow checking (EM0100P).
CalibrationUnits are despatched with traceable calibration certificates. Official guidelines state that further calibration is required every 6 and 12 months after purchase. Oxoid provide a calibration service (EM0100C).
 ServicingOxoid provide servicing for the air sampler

Other factors:
• Multi-mode option = sequential sampling (allows for representative ‘in operation’ sampling
• Delayed start option = allows operator to leave the room, minimising contamination
• Sample record downloading = CD (EM0110A) and cable (EM0111A) required, allows for compliance with cGMP regulations for data collection and traceability
• Wall/table base plate (EM0109A) available = means that unit remains at sampling site and doesn’t have to occupy work surfaces

Products & Accessories

 Order Code

Oxoid Air Sampler (90mm head ready) 


Aluminium Head for 55mm Contact Plates 


Aluminium Head and adaptor for 90mm Plates 


Stainless Steel Head for 55mm Contact Plates 


Stainless Steel Head and adaptor for 90mm Plates 


Pyramid Quality Check (for customer use)


Calibration Performance (at Oxoid, inc carriage)  


Battery Charger (220V)


Battery Charger (110V)


Soft Carrying Case 


Aluminium Carrying Case 


Floor Tripod 


Table Tripod  


Infra Red Remote Control  


Wall/Table Base Plate 


Oxoid Software 


Oxoid Air Sampler PC Connecting Cable  


General Product Information:

  1. Portable air sampler
  2. Oxoid branded, red sampler
  3. Rechargeable battery – upon receipt the unit should be charged for 4 hours, dependent on age, condition of use, etc, this allows for approx. 5-7 hours operation 
  4. Air intake 100l/min calibrated flow with real-time electronic control of actual air flow (through 219 holes) 
  5. 8 preset and 8 user-set volumes of air saved to memory
  6. Programmable intervals for between samplings (without operator)
  7. Delay start option
  8. Optional infra-red remote control
  9. Aluminium head (cannot be autoclaved, use alcohol spray/wipes)
  10. Autoclavable head - stainless steel (available as a separate item)
  11. Language options (Italian, Spanish, English)
  12. Physical efficiency data available upon request (according to BS EN ISO 14698-1:2003 Annex B)
  13. Calibration recommended at 6-12 month periods
  14. Quality check system available (EM0100P) for on-site use

For further information about this product, it components and compatible Oxoid prepared media products, simply download this information sheet (906KB) in PDF format.

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