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Brilliance MRSA 2 AGAR

Code: PO1210 (UK) PO5310 (Europe)

Brilliance™ MRSA 2 Agar allows rapid, reliable MRSA screening, in just 18 hours.

Only available in certain territories. Please speak to your local Oxoid supplier.

Typical Formula*

gm/ litre

Peptone mix










Chromogenic mix


Antibiotic cocktail

20 ml

pH 7.3 ± 0.2 @ 25 ºC

* Adjusted as required to meet performance standards


The importance of screening as part of an effective infection control programme to limit the spread of MRSA is well recognized. Speed and accuracy of results are critical aspects of this. Colonized patients must be targeted for isolation and appropriate treatment as early as possible. While negative patients need to be given the all clear to ensuring that valuable infection control resource is not wasted on patients who are not colonized.

Over recent years, the performance of media for MRSA screening has improved dramatically. As part of continuous improvement policy, the work of our team of research and development scientist has led resulted in the development of Brilliance MRSA 2 Agar, which reliably recovers MRSA strains in just 18 hr. The enhanced formulation has greater accuracy than previous formulations1, giving more reliable results. It produces large MRSA colonies than previous formulations, making it easier to work with1. A new chromogenic provides more consistent colony colour, with better differential, so aiding interpretation2.

Brilliance MRSA 2 Agar can be inoculated from a screening swab taken from hospital patient or staff, from an isolated colony or from a liquid suspension. MRSA grows as blue colonies which are very easy to read against the light coloured, opaque background. Plates are incubated at 37ºC, and provide high sensitivity and specificity, with results available in just 18 hours. This allows a rapid response, so enabling the patient to receive the most appropriate treatment as early as possible reducing the risk of onward transmission of infection. Accuracy minimizes costs, by helping to ensure that only those in need receive what can be costly treatment.

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Brilliance MRSA 2 Agar can be inoculated from screening swabs taken from hospital patients or staff, an isolated colony or from liquid suspension, according to local guidelines. The medium should be allowed to warm to room temperature before inoculation. Incubate for 18–24 hr. at 37ºC. There is no need to incubate beyond 24 hr. Denim blue colonies are presumptive positive for MRSA. Identifications as S. aureus can be confirmed with Staphytect Plus (DR0850) or Dryspot Staphytect Plus (DR0100), and PBP2′ (DR0900) can be used to confirm MRSA.

For further instructions on the use and interpretation of Brilliance MRSA 2 Agar, simply download the data sheet (698KB) in PDF format.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Brilliance MRSA 2 Agar plates should be stored in the original packaging at the temperature stated on the pack or product specification, and protected from direct light. When stored as directed, the unopened product will remain stable until the expiry date on the label.


Prepared medium: Pale, off-white, opaque gel medium in Petri dishes

Quality Control

Positive Controls:

Expected results

Staphylococcus aureus ATCC®33591

Blue colonies

Negative Controls:


Staphylococcus epidermidis ATCC®12228


Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC®27853


Staphylococcus aureus ATCC®25923


Proteus mirabilis ATCC®10975


Bacillus licheniformis

Pink colonies


Brilliance MRSA 2 Agar is for in vitro diagnostic use only, by trained individuals. Do not use beyond the expiry date given on the label, or if the product shows any sign of deterioration.

Sterilize specimens, equipment and media properly after use.


Organisms with atypical resistance or enzyme expression patterns may give anomalous results.


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ATCC® is a registered trademark of American Type Culture Collection

Brilliance MRSA 2 PDF (698KB)

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